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About us

We are actively engaged about American Staffordshire terrier since 2006, when we bought our first dog of this wonderful breed. The breed us interested in their toughness, intelligence, dedication, love for family, just his versatility that we bought next dog in 2008 and founded dog kennel "AMERICAN IDOL".


Our kennel was founded to breed healthy dogs with typical characteristics and exterior. The main objective is to keep healthy dogs with a balanced character and quality exterior. Our dogs are universally develop and we infill to their needs. Finally, we focus on proper nutrition. In a small kennel, we create optimal conditions for the start, development and implementation of all the excellent qualities of this breed.




American Staffordshire Terrier from our kennel is ideal for all patient people that can be consistent and understanding in educating dog. It will be your tireless friend who fits into the family house or apartment. Amstaff loves children, his master, his family and feel happy to be part of the family. Amstaff can be used universally, on shows, at work or as a friend. With proper education, it will grow smooth dog who loves his family...


Looking for happy dogs and their owners is our greatest reward!


Michal Alijev